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WIB spotlight

We're thrilled to announce that two of our VIP Members, Charla Griffy-Brown and Kylie Wright-Ford have been appointed to the Advisory Board of KNOCK. Headquartered in Minneapolis, KNOCK is a creative agency whose client list includes Levi’s®, Golfsmith and Target.


Charla Griffy-Brown
Charla Griffy-Brown

Griffy-Brown is a Professor at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management. 

Kylie Wright-Ford
Kylie Wright-Ford

Wright-Ford is the Chief Operating & Strategy Officer of World 50, Inc. 


See Kylie speak on her experience with WIB & new board seat here.


Charla & Kylie were connected to KNOCK through our VIP Membership.  Our CEO Sheila Ronning said, “We are delighted that these talented women will be joining KNOCK’s advisory board and proud to have helped them get a seat. At WIB, we look forward to helping more qualified women move into boardrooms by providing networking opportunities through offerings such as our Matchmaking Program and helping them build portfolios that highlight their skills for corporate board roles.”

Barbara Matas
Barbara Matas
We're also happy to share that VIP Member Barbara R. Matas, former managing director of Citigroup, has been appointed to the board of Select Comfort Corporation, which is the public company that makes the Sleep Number bed. 
Invest in the women...

With Corporate Membership from WIB, you will invest in your senior-level executive women, enabling them to add value to the boards and companies they serve. Find out more about advancing your leaders through Corporate Membership here.

Sheila Ronning
CEO corner
Am I qualified to serve on a board?  Here are a few examples of skill-sets. If you match up with one or more, you most likely are. It is, however, important to be realistic in the type and size of company that you are qualified for. 
- Turnaround specialist
- Global growth strategist
- Financial services expert
- Entrepreneur or intrapreneur
- Operational expert
- Marketing & communications expert
- Privacy & data security expert
- Innovative leader
- Digital expertise
- Corporate governance authority
My complimentary webinar, 'Serving on a Corporate Board: Uncover if It's for You & Where to Start', provides a great deal of information on corporate board service from what is required, time commitment and compensation.
Our corporate women's group would really benefit from learning more about serving on a board. Do you speak to such groups? Absolutely! I enjoy speaking to both men and women on the importance for diversity on boards, navigating your way to the corporate boardroom and more. This month, I spoke on such topics at events at Aon, the C-Suite Conference and the Women in Strategy Summit. Click here to view my speakers packet or to submit a request to have me speak to your leaders
We are committed to translating the intellect, skills and expertise of our members into inaugural or additional powerful corporate director roles. We enable the women we work with to focus on the value they bring to the boards and companies they serve.
WIB events
Want to serve?

- Private food manufacturer with $120MM in revenue (deadline 6 PM ET on April 14th)


- Public biotech company with $456MM+ in revenue (deadline 6 PM ET on May 31st)


For more information on these openings, email Rosy Torres.

All Business
WIB on 'All Business'
Recently, Sheila Ronning talked about why more women aren’t in the boardroom and how she is changing that with Jeffrey Hayzlett on ‘All Business’. Listen to their thought provoking conversation here.
WIB events

April 12th webinar

Board expert Howard Brownstein leads 'The Nominating & Governance Committees: Building the Board That the Company Needs'. Sign-up for this webinar here.


April 19th NYC event

Join a discussion with private equity experts Pang Zhang-Whitaker and Patricia Lizarraga at the NYC Conversations in the Boardroom series. You will learn if connecting with PE firms is a good route for you to take to serve on corporate boards, along with who to reach out to and how.

VIP Members are invited to attend the exclusive gathering prior.  Register here

Do the math... 



Several studies have shown when boards had at least one woman on them the absolute, and relative share prices—as well as overall financial performance of these organizations—surpassed those of companies who host boardrooms comprised solely of men.


This noteworthy outcome has generated heated debate between two camps: those that believe women are critical to the success of any enterprise, and those that think women are merely coincidental to performance outcomes of these companies, for whom success was already on the docket regardless of a board’s gender makeup.


The debate can be neatly summed up by the old chicken or egg argument: Are organizations performing better because women are on boards and C-suites, or are women being appointed to boards and C-suites of organizations that already are—or are on the cusp of—performing well? 


While the research never addresses the chicken-egg conundrum, a logical way to explain this is why a interesting relationship exists. We just have to do some simple math. READ MORE...


Thanks to Solange Charas, president of Charas Consulting, Inc., for providing this article.

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